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WordPress, Joomla and Drupal-not the best CMS
No matter how popular these content management systems are, they are not the best CMS on the market. Such a statement may upset the adherents of certain "engines", but it…

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Useful apps for SMM
SMM professionals involved in attracting traffic often have to perform many tasks from a smartphone. To facilitate this process, many applications have been invented, but not everyone knows about them.…

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What affects the relevance of a page
Factors that affect the relevance of the page can be divided into internal and external. Let us consider in more detail the internal factors that we can influence. Internal factors…

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What is website audit?

If your site is quite successful in your opinion, then do not doubt that there is an opportunity to benefit from it even more. What will help you do this? SEO and technical audit of the site – a convenient tool to assess the effectiveness of the site and its potential, which can be disclosed.

Site audit is the process of analyzing the effectiveness of the technical side of the site, its convenience for users, as well as the component that is responsible for optimizing the site in search engines. Site audit allows you to eliminate some site errors that adversely affect the web resource, as well as allow you to develop a strategy for the development of the project. Continue reading

MODx CMS to create a website

MODX (in the Russian version sounds different – Modix or Modeks) is a fairly safe system architecture and the CMS itself is developed taking into account these requirements. This system provides filtering of many requests to the database at the entrance using the API and the developers claim that this eliminates the possibility of attacks by introducing MySQL injection, which makes the site more secure. An important advantage of MODx in web development is SEO optimization of the CMS system itself.

MODX is quite a popular CMS system with over 1 million downloads and with a strong community that promotes regular updates and distribution of system patches. Continue reading

Construction site: features

It is no longer necessary to talk about the need for a private Internet site for any company engaged in construction: competition in this segment of the market is too high, so everyone understands the benefits of an additional means of popularizing their services. This applies not only to companies whose specifics – the actual construction of baths and houses, facade equipment, insulation and repair, but also manufacturers of building materials. The process of creating a site construction theme is no different from the performance of such work for a representative of any other industry, but the promotion has its own characteristics. Given the high competition, a real chance to get into the TOP search engines have only those construction companies that spend a sufficient amount of money and time on the professional promotion of the resource. Continue reading

2 first steps of search engine optimization

The purpose of search engine optimization is to allow search engines not only to find your site and pages, but also to rank the relevance of the page so that it appears at the top of the search results. The optimization process is not one-time, it requires maintenance, configuration and continuous testing and monitoring.

Below are the first 2 steps for a search engine optimization strategy.

Step 1: target market Business analysis
Site analysis. Analysis of meta data/keywords, visible text and code to determine how well the site is positioned in search engines. For example, what is the correlation of code and text on your page. Continue reading

How to equip a webmaster workplace in the car?

If you are inseparable from your car as well as with a personal laptop, you probably thought about how to create the most comfortable conditions for work in the car. Conventional on-Board computers installed in modern cars are not suitable for full-fledged work and perform mainly informative function. If you plan to properly equip your transport, then this will help a specialized technical center Toyota, Mitsubishi or any other, specializing in Japanese-made cars. After all, it was in the “Land of the rising sun” that various high-tech devices were first installed on their vehicles. And in this them to this day there is no equals. Continue reading

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How to fill the site with unique content?
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