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Programs used in web mastering

For making professional web pages You should professionally study some professional software :).

So, what programs will You need? Below I will give specific categories of programs with explanations-for what they are needed.

A raster graphics program
one of the most important programs that You have to learn. It will help you when scanning photos and correcting them. With this program you will be able to create those unimaginable effects that you see on the Internet, advertising, etc. In my opinion, the following skills are required for this class of programs:

Photo scanning;
Correction of scanned and finished photos, including-tone and color correction;
The ability to crop;
Understanding differences in image file formats;
Proper use of filters;
Work with layers.
Specific programmes include the following:

Adobe PhotoShop 3.0-5.0 – this program is a leader in the field of graphics programs of this kind, but it requires the appropriate resources from Your computer.
Paint Shop Pro 4.0-5.0 – in my opinion, the best shareware-a program that, in addition, supports filters from Adobe PhotoShop and works very quickly with volume (>20M) photos. Can import and export images in 40-50 different formats.
Some of the work You have to do using different editors. There are no perfect editors, some do one thing better, some do another.

Program processing vector graphics
another important designer programs. Allows you to create from scratch or use clipart different logos, buttons, bold lettering etc. The principles of vector editors are very different from raster ones, so you will have to master them separately; but, having mastered them, You will be able to produce business cards, letterheads, brochures (as a side effect :). You will need the following skills:

Ability to work with graphic objects (group, layer, receipt of non-standard);
Ability to work with curves and curve nodes;
Ability to work with guides and grid;
Ability to understand color models (RGB, CMYK, HSB);
Working with text – ability to place it on any curve;
Competent use of gradients and fills (including fractal);
Competent use of effects.
Typical representatives of this class are Corel DRAW 7.0-8.0 and Adobe Illustrator-they are both leaders in their fields and, accordingly, have the latest achievements in the field of vector graphics. In contrast to these heavyweights can recommend a nice and fast program Corel Xara!; do not be fooled by the word Corel – this program is developed by XARA, which was bought by the Corporation as one of the competitors. Now its second version is available. This program, unlike the previous two, is very fast and small, but some of the effects and commands available in other programs, it is difficult or impossible to do.

Web page viewers
or browsers – there are currently only two browsers worth mentioning – “Microsoft Internet Explorer”and” Netscape Navigator”. Now approaching the fifth version of these programs, but, according to statistics, the most used are their 4th version. Therefore, to control the appearance of Your pages You have to use them. And on the computer should be both versions. A good WEB page should look the same in any of these browsers. I do not discourage You from using the latest extensions of the standard HTML and JAVA-scripts, but make sure that the owners of browsers that do not support these extensions, could still read Your page.

Simple text editor
you will need to manually correct and add HTML-code, because existing visual editors can not fully control the process of creating a web-page (and if you make a page with a complex design, you may have to write all the code in the editor ;). As an example, a regular “Notepad” from the standard delivery of Windows or one HTML-editors that have built-in commands to check the correctness of tags and document structure, for example, HoTMetaL.

Visual editor
allow you to quickly develop simple web-pages and correct already written, but they need to be careful, because, thanks to them, Your page can look bad in another browser.

The best – known candidates are “Microsoft Front Page” and “Netscape Composer”(or in the earlier version, an editor built into the “Netscape Navigator Gold” package). Use the one you like best. Sometimes you have to manually correct the code generated by these programs.

Word processor
with the ability to spell check-very useful for typing and correcting errors in recognized texts. As an example – the usual “Microsoft Word”.

Programs text recognition
can save you a lot of time, getting rid of manual typing of printed texts. There are only two programs for Russian language recognition – CuneiForm and FineReader. Use the latest versions whenever possible. The recognition quality is about the same, but I prefer FineReader.

Some special programs
these programs will allow You to perform some effects and cope with tasks that are otherwise difficult or not feasible at all. Some of these programs are listed below:

Ulead GIF Animator is a program that allows you to create animated Gifs. Provides full control over the output file. It has very powerful optimization tools.
Filters for Adobe PhotoShop – their number is huge, but really need a little. They are able to significantly improve performance and two or three clicks to create impressive effects. But just do not overdo it with them – all need a measure 🙂
Macromedia Flash! – practically standard for use in web vector images. It has its own development environment and allows you to create an impressive vector animation.
Programs to create VRML worlds or 3D programs that allow you to export to this format. As an example, I can recommend a good program to create VRML worlds Internet3D Space Builder.
Programs for sound processing-may be needed if your page requires it. These are programs of a separate class, but for simple sound processing, for example, CoolEdit is suitable.
Perhaps this is a more or less complete list of programs for creating WEB pages. Not all of them, of course, need immediately same have, to start write their pages. To begin with, just a browser and a visual editor, and as you gain experience, you will learn other programs.

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