Competent website development: design, graphics, content
In this article we will talk about the process of website development. Undoubtedly, the design and development of the site will require a lot of intellectual and time-consuming. But it…

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A picture worth a thousand words
Now let's talk about the schedule on the Web-pages, because it is thanks to her WWW has become the most popular Internet service, it is to her that we owe…

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Website web design development
When discussing the design of the future site, quite often the customer has a question: why is the design of the site is not less than 40% of the cost…

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Error 404: how do I set up an Error 404 page?

Or add a multimedia banner. You can also get commercial benefit from this page by placing a block with advertising on it.

Useful information. Specify useful links, such as: “you May find these materials useful”, or specify links to the main services or the most popular sections, etc.

Useful links on page 404

How to make a 404 page?
Page 404 is created in a file.”htaccess”. This file should contain the line: ErrorDocument 404 /404, where “/404 ” – the address of the page 404 on your site.

Or this page is set directly in the administrative panel of the site, for example, if the site is managed by the MODx system.

Thus, from this article we can conclude: page 404 is an integral part of the development of the site, where its competent configuration will increase its conversion.

Create a page on the example MODx Revo
In the administrative panel, go to the “Template Elements”section. Copy, for example, the code of the main page. Then click “Add new template”. In the Title field, enter the name of the page (404). Paste the copied code, click save.

Go to “Resources” (Pages) and create a page called 404 and set it a new template created — “404”.

Next, open the administrative panel settings (in MODx Revo-gear image) and open the item “system Settings”. Find “error 404 Page”. Double-click the left mouse button in the “Value” field and enter the page id 404 — in our case, the page id 404 — 4.

Create a 404 page on OpenCart example
If you have been granted access to the site, but you need to edit page 404, it is likely to find it in the Additions to the site. Page 404 in OpenCart is displayed as a module that is preloaded into the system. Administration panel — extra — Modules — 404.

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