How to choose a web Studio to create a website
Bill gates said, " If Your business isn't online, you're not in business." Since then, more or less successful and not very companies are thinking about the question of creating…

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The importance of the brief on the development of website design in the work of Digital Agency
The dialogue between the customer and the contractor which determines what is important, what can be called mutual understanding to achieve the desired result of designers, coders and other personnel…

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Home page design
The purpose of the main page — to interest the user so that he wanted to see the site further. The basis of the site are the basement and the…

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Launching an online store: what you need to know

There are many factors to consider when launching a new commercial Internet project. If you make mistakes, the result will be very different from the website of your dreams.

Consider the main items of the budget, which must be taken seriously.

Website development and design
These are the main costs that you should consider when drawing up the starting budget of your project. While other costs are not necessarily laid down at the start, and can be painted as the development, the creation of the site must be paid before the launch of the project.

And here there is a dilemma-buy a ready-made theme for the site or order the development of a unique template. In both cases, there are pros and cons.

First, a ready-made template for the site is cheap. On average, buying a finished theme will cost you an average of 60-70 dollars. With a minimum budget, this can be a great alternative.

Secondly, the finished solution does not take much time to install and run, that is, you can start selling much faster.

However, if you need to customize the template to fit your needs or add new features without knowing the code, you may face big problems. Individual development will be more flexible in terms of customization and SEO optimization.

Also, the disadvantage of the finished template can be the fact that the same theme can be used on many other sites. And without a unique brand to conduct effective marketing is much more difficult.

Financial operation
Often aspiring entrepreneurs forget to contribute to the budget the cost of financial transactions. The cost of financial transactions may vary depending on the payment gateway you use, but it is usually a small percentage of the transfer amount.

Depending on the tariff plan you choose, a percentage will be charged on each transaction, so you should consider this when drawing up a business plan.

Hosting and security
These costs accompany the business throughout its life cycle, so it is necessary to plan hosting and protection costs in a long-term budget plan. As a rule, the fee is paid monthly and the cost depends on the prices of your chosen hosting provider and usually includes a security package.

The history of successful Internet sales turnover of several million with zero marketing budget can be counted on the fingers. Why such stores so little? It’s simple. Without a thorough approach, you will not be able to get high traffic on your site, it will simply remain invisible to buyers.

The most popular technique for marketing is contextual advertising. The cost of this service varies depending on what keywords you want to link your ad. Another popular method of marketing is the use of social networks. However, and here you have to keep in mind that you either have to pay someone to promote or do it yourself but spend a lot of time. If you do it yourself, it will depend a little on your budget.

Some firms still resort to printing services, however, we must admit that gradually printed products are losing popularity. The cost of publication depends on the type of advertising products and its circulation, but the main drawback is the fact that you will be difficult to track its effectiveness and coverage. It is also worth considering that if you are trying to attract buyers online, then the advertising platform should be more suitable.

Of course, this aspect does not have to be included in the budget, but it must also be taken into account. Realistically assess needs and opportunities. If you plan to launch a really successful commercial Internet project, then time is your main resource. When you realize how valuable your time is, your productivity will grow.

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