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Double quotes in meta tags, or how not to make harakiri

How to correctly place quotation marks in meta-tags? If the client requires or is required to specify the full names of companies in the meta tags: <meta name= “description”>, and if your content management system does not provide automatic replacement of quotes, then you may encounter a problem with the validity of the code. If in addition to the standard computer quotes ( ” ) we place one more inside the tag, such quotes, like a knife, cut the validity of the code, and such writing of the meta tag is incorrect. And we do not want our site to do itself harakiri.

Task. For example, we placed a meta tag Description with the name of the company-CJSC “Publishing house “Press”on the main page of the website of the publishing house. And in meta-tag indicated the contents with the same, computer, quotes:
how to write quotes in meta tag

Oshibochka out. As we can see, all content that follows the second quotation marks, after the abbreviation “UAB”, is already considered an error. Leave without quotes at all? For this the journalists themselves commit seppuku!

And even if we decide to take the path of adding more quotes, thinking that there should be an even number of them in the content of the tag (in addition to the main)*, in any case, the tag will be considered as some kind of interventionist in someone else’s territory.

*Primas’. According to the rules of the Russian language the same double quotes are never put. Permissible-CJSC “Publishing house “Press”, preferably-CJSC “Publishing house “Press”.

Decision. To HTML did not expel the invaders from its territory, and journalists did not do a Hara-Kiri, it is sufficient either to install automatically replaced or manually replaced the computer quotes. The tag will be valid if we use:
Russian quotes

quotes meta tag

To deliver Russian quotation marks, and not to transfer them from Word, as many, probably, have already begun to imagine uses a special set of buttons for additional primary panel on the keyboard (the thing that is located on the PC keyboard to the right, where there are stupid “Num Lock” you need to click to work). Left-quote – ALT+0171, right-quote – ALT+0187.

spectate using the ampersand (&)

The use of a special sign for quotation marks – &quote (&quote). The second option significantly increases the length of the meta-tag, which (“God forbid, are you crazy?!”©SEOs) will be increased at least for a few superfluous characters that pushed semantically important sentences of the admissible (preferred) number of digits for the search engines.

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