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How to create a website for free?

Before we go directly to the topic of free website creation, let’s think a little.

Sooner or later in any sphere of our life we have a need or need for any changes, changes, gaining new experience, knowledge, etc. This can be as a domestic side of our life (e.g., renovation) and professional (e.g., acquiring new knowledge, the development of the business).

And whatever needs we have not arisen, there are always at least two options for their satisfaction: to do everything yourself (read-for free) or for a fee to entrust this matter to a professional. For example, repair in the bathroom You can do yourself, and you can-hire a specialist and, almost without delving into the process, get the finished result. In today’s world of services, you can even entrust a job search to specially trained people!

The difference between the options “do it yourself” and “trust a professional” is two points:

how much and what resources will You spend to solve the problem;
will You be 100% satisfied with the result?
I hope that the essence of the opening statement is quite clear. Then let’s move on to the topic of concern to us, how do you still create a website for free?

When we use the word “free”, we mean money costs, because the process of creating a website, whether it is paid or free, involves many other costs: time, intellectual, etc.

If you are still interested in the topic of free website creation, then be prepared for the fact that You will have to read special literature, a lot of “Google”, learn new computer programs for You, find video or audio lessons, etc.

There are several options for free website creation.

The first is the use of special programs, the most popular of which are MS Front Page and Dreamweaver. These programs help us to create websites using html tags, speeding up the process and making it much easier. These programs are visual editors with which we make pages in html. In using this option, there are disadvantages – if You want to change something on the site, you will have to do it manually. Therefore, we do not recommend this method if you are planning a large project.

The second option gives us the answer to the query “create a website online”: today on the Internet there are many services that will help in creating a website for free. These are so-called free website designers. The most popular are,, Working with designers, no need to be an expert in html programming and layout. It only needs Your computer skills, as well as the desire and a little perseverance. At Your disposal a wide variety of designs, functions, opportunities. But again, we do not recommend this method if you are planning a serious project, since You will not have legal rights to your web-building products.

In that case, if You intend to create a serious and full-fledged Internet resource with which you can do almost anything you want, we recommend that you turn to free content management systems (Content Management System or CMS). Content is the content of the site.

Here we again allow ourselves a small clarification: in terms of zero financial costs to see Your result site building will be only on Your computer, or on the Internet, but hosted on a free hosting with a domain name of at least the third level.

So, back to content management systems. They are also paid and free. Since the topic of our discussion is the free creation of the site, we will name the most popular free CMS:

Joomla is pretty easy to install and learn, has a great set of features and functions /
WordPress can be used to create blogs and websites /
The Drupal CMS is quite complex compared to the above, but includes a large number of add-ons, templates, plugins, extensions /
Phpbb CMS for the forum includes a sufficient number of templates and extensions /
So, you can create your own website. You can also create a website for free. And there are several options for this, analyzed by us above. Which one to choose depends on the purpose Of creating your site.

But whether to do the site itself at all or entrust its creation to professionals depends on whether You are a private person or the owner/head of the organization, enterprise, institution. The latter, as a rule, value their resources and require an appropriate result.

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