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Competent website development: design, graphics, content

In this article we will talk about the process of website development. Undoubtedly, the design and development of the site will require a lot of intellectual and time-consuming. But it is the 1st stage of website development that determines the future of the project and its successful functioning. The most important criterion for the site — usability, or in other words comfort for the visitor. Subsequent design development will depend on the principle of usability, which is quite difficult to organize. The main thing is to know the characteristics of the target audience.

Don’t force people to think
There are also a few common methods that will allow you to develop a really great site as much as possible. Only ease and clarity – these two concepts are at the heart of any ideas for the creation and development of a web site. Remember the most important rule: do not force people to think. They do not come to your site for this (if your site is commercial). If the visitor does not succeed in finding what he needs, he simply closes your website.

Website design
The design of the site is also not worth piling up, in simplicity-beauty. And the development of the site and should be subject to these principles, as well as other elements of the site. Placing any block on the web site should be reasoned, not nagorzyce the page with multiple blocks, only for the reason that they are cool, it will only distract the attention of the visitor. All knowledgeable designers will say that the empty space will perfectly concentrate the visitor on the information that you want to convey to him.


Images on the site
To comprehend the information on your website perfectly help images. Moderate use of graphics will create a balance that is important for visitors. When inventing and placing blocks on a page, know that objects located close to each other are accepted by a person as one group. White and black are passive colors, they are combined with juicy and intense shades. Do not overdo it, you will need only two or three colors. The images also do not need much, otherwise people can get confused with a choice.

Templates-and-Plugins (1)

Design content
Always remember that a visitor to a site visits your web-site to get information. Therefore, the content should be appropriate. It is proved that users do not read articles from beginning to end, and run their eyes to the visitors lingered on the page, the text should be something that will attract attention. Graphic images, headings, bulleted lists can help. Even when the site is designed and running, we recommend that you constantly check it to be sure that visitors will get what they need. For example, you can use the insert “Call to action” – “Call to action” on any action or news subscription.

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