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Technology website promotion

There are General principles of website promotion in the TOP search engines. In principle, they are all available on the Internet, but there is a lot written and a lot is not the case)))

need a specific page, which is promoted to the TOP for a specific request.
on this page you need 100% UNIQUE content (there are online proveryali texts for uniqueness — free available) with 2-5% exact inclusion of the desired search query and the like, diluted in other words.
Need articles on the site, links from which will go to this page. The names of the links are close, but not all 100% match the query. The more the better. The more natural, the better. Ie not 500 just suddenly appeared, and in the day/week 2-3 approximately.
All the website needs to be correctly prescribed descripcin the headers. There should be human navigation (for humans). People should be comfortable and interesting on this site (even parameters such as viewing depth and time spent on the site are taken into account)
External links (from other sites) should lead to the site (promoted page). Link names should again refer to the subject of the query. References should appear naturally-on average 1-2 per week. For some queries — 1-2 in 1-2 months, others for 1 in 2-3 days. The greatest weight have links with state sites. Weighty links from LJ, Twitter, etc. Links from comments, forums, ads, etc. – almost do not mean anything. The more links, the better.
For Google is the Google + 1 button on the site and the number of clicks on it.

Yandex rating is affected by registration in Yandex catalog. It does not matter paid or free.

On all about all it can take from 2 weeks to 1 year))) If you promote, you need to be patient and not to expect quick results.

Absolutely NOT massively register in different directories, Bulletin boards and other garbage. This will not affect the promotion, but you can easily get into the Yandex ban. Service evil evil, has killed a lot of Tops.

Recently Yandex likes to impose pessimiziruyutsya filters sites for cheat behavioral factors. Including be careful with the traffic))) the Surge of traffic — the evil extra aliciana on the website is evil.

In General, it is better to hire, of course, competent fast-tracker, who will do all of this))) at the same time and the site will improve as a result and the orders will increase)))

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