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How much is the site of a wholesale children’s clothing factory?

Case: website development for children’s clothing factory

Difficulty: high

Price: from 150 000 rubles

Elapsed time: ~ 2 months

Developing a website for a children’s clothing factory (which is a leading supplier of its products to stores across Russia) can be quite expensive. The cost of development will depend on the functional features of the site, its design and text component. Any clothes for children wholesale in Rostov-on-don should differ in quality and excellent execution. In addition, the design of products should attract future and present moms, because they all want their baby to look irresistible. The website design should be equally attractive.

Children’s clothing factory website design
Undoubtedly, the design of the site should be unique. In no case can you use ready-made templates, because the brand must be recognizable. Potential partners, i.e. retail clothing stores, including the organizers of joint purchases, you need to impress colourful paintings and well spaced information blocks. Each form and each button must be in its place.

Text on site
The second important factor is the text on the site. Especially, it concerns the main page of the site. They should be “selling” and used in conjunction with graphic elements (product images, banners, buttons, etc.).

All texts located on the internal pages should be either simple informational in nature, or be optimized for the promotion of the site, ie, designed for search engines.

Since we are talking about a wholesale site, the functionality on the pages of the catalog should vary. Some wholesale companies do not provide an electronic catalog, both for registered users and for ordinary visitors to the site. While other suppliers show a list of all available products, but without specifying prices. Product pricing may only be available to registered users if such a feature has been developed.

What should be considered before launching the site?
Before launching the site and making it available to the public, you must make sure that all registration forms, buttons and elements on the site work correctly. And if it is possible to order online, then make a test order. Make sure there are no links to the development site. It is very important that the texts of notifications about registration, ordering or requesting a price list are also correct and do not contain any unnecessary elements, such as HTML tags.

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