Paid and free hosting. Which is better?
Once the site is ready, it is necessary to ensure its placement on the Internet. If You just place the site on your computer, it will not be possible to…

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South Wales attractions
Home page design
The purpose of the main page — to interest the user so that he wanted to see the site further. The basis of the site are the basement and the…

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How much is the site?
If You have made a choice in favor of professional website creation, namely you want to order it through a web-Studio, then one of the first questions arises :" how…

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How to set up a design template for a website?

The company “Concept Logic” has been developing websites and online stores for almost ten years. During all this time, the company has implemented more than a hundred projects! The services section of the web Studio includes not only the creation of online stores and websites, but also design development, integration of CMS OpenCart with 1C, promotion and optimization of sites. In terms of 1C integration with online stores, we are certified and accredited specialists.

Web Studio CL during the development of the Internet project uses the development tools of Internet resources and high-quality content. As for example, the use of modern templates for the site. Whether it’s a corporate website, business card website, blog, web Studio CL will be able to pick up and customize for the customer its ready-made template design (customize the theme for the site).

Buy a theme for your own site can be on all sorts of portals and large-scale sites for web developers.

Theme Forest
Theme Forest-volume platform with paid themes for sites on MODx, WordPress, OpenCart and others. To learn how to use one of the templates for the site practically You can on the website developed by our web Studio here – the theme for the shop based on CMS OpenCart.

Elegant Themes
Elegant Themes-English-language portal with premium templates for CMS WordPress.

Live themes
Live themes – Russian-language service with themes (free) for sites on WordPress.

Woo Themes
Woo Themes is an English-language portal with plugins, themes and other tools for WordPress sites.

Pro Theme Design
Pro Theme Design is an English-language portal with professional WordPress themes.

Template Monster
Template Monster is an extensive Russian-language platform with themes for online stores, websites, icon sets and other tools. Templates for WordPress, Moto CMS, Mambo, Drupal, Joomla.

Studio Press
Studio Press-paid templates for CMS WordPress, English-language platform.

The team of the Concept Logic web Studio can perform an Internet project of any complexity: from a single-page site to a large-scale portal.

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