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How to make sales through the online store effective?

If Your company is engaged in wholesale or retail trade, the creation of an online store is for You, first, a matter of prestige of the company, and, secondly, the need for a situation of constant competition.

Today, shopping via the Internet is no surprise: every day thousands of users make purchases through the websites of online stores. E-Commerce is firmly in our lives and certainly made “shopping” more effective. This is from the consumer’s point of view.

From the point of view of the company-sellers the main advantage of the online store is to minimize the time and overhead costs of working with customers. The essence of minimization is that on the website of the online store You can place the most complete information about the product, automate the calculation and processing of the order, the choice of payment method and delivery of goods, etc.

The creation of an online store also allows you to significantly expand the market for products, to present a full range of products, to quickly notify about new products and sales of goods, to bring work with regular customers to automatism.

If Your company already has an online store, Your main question is how to increase sales through it, how to make them more effective?

To answer this question, we will use the method “from the opposite”, i.e. describe what leads to a decrease in sales and outflow of visitors:

the complex name of the website of the online store or the name is a domain name of the third or fourth level;
inconvenient and complex functionality of the site-the user can hardly find the desired product, uncomfortable “basket”, etc.;
web design of the online store is overloaded with animation and flash screensavers;
no photos of the products;
placement of false information about the product;
inconvenient cataloging of goods, placement of the same goods in different catalogs;
inefficient customer service: long delay on orders, letters and customer complaints;
large restrictions in the choice of payment methods by users, there is no possibility of online payments;
the product database is not standardized and there is no possibility of automatic unloading via xml;
the use of systems cheat “black traffic”, excessive SEO-optimization.
Elimination of all the above shortcomings will not only lead to an increase in attendance and sales, and moreover – will make the work of Your online store more effective for You and for Your buyer.

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