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Paid and free hosting. Which is better?

Once the site is ready, it is necessary to ensure its placement on the Internet. If You just place the site on your computer, it will not be possible to go immediately after you turn off this computer. Just to make Your website available to users every minute, there is such a service as hosting.

Hosting service is to provide disk space on a remote server that has a permanent connection to the Internet and provides round-the-clock access to Your site. Simply put, on a special server you are allocated the required number of megabytes in the form of a directory that contains all the information that is on Your site-texts, documents, graphics, clips, etc.

The choice of hosting should be approached with great responsibility, because hosting depends not only on the quality of the site, but also the convenience of its administration. The result of poor-quality hosting is that the site does not work, hangs, and sometimes completely becomes unavailable.

Companies that provide hosting services are called hosting providers, hosters or simply hosting companies.

There are two categories of hosting: paid hosting and free hosting. Let’s analyze each of them.

The essence of free hosting is that the company that gave You this opportunity, has the right to place on the pages of Your site all kinds of advertising. It can be as usual links and banners, and annoying pop-UPS. In the very essence of free hosting already laid its first drawback.

The second disadvantage of free hosting is the instability of the servers, which leads to the fact that in case of any failures, access to Your site is limited or completely blocked. Quite often, this situation can last for several days.

The disadvantages of free hosting can also include: unreasonable blocking of user accounts, often allowed to use a domain name only the third or even the fourth level, the lack of such useful features such as support PHP, CGI, VB, MySQL, FTP.

All of the above disadvantages of free hosting not only do not lead to increased loyalty of Your customers and partners, but also can deprive You of a significant part of the profits.

And still free hosting has its clients – it is often placed personal home pages, non-commercial websites, satellites of the main project, train your strength novice web programmers, and those who wish to try to make money online their first money without investment.

But if we are talking about a serious project, it is necessary to place it on a paid hosting.

Paid hosting is the provision by the hoster of a certain disk space and some other services within the established tariff.

Placing your site on a paid hosting, You get a lot more opportunities to promote and develop the site on the Internet. And what is especially important – you get a guarantee of the hosting company in the constant availability of Your site for users. The advantages of paid hosting is the absence of all the disadvantages of free hosting.

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