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WordPress, Joomla and Drupal-not the best CMS
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SEO formula: website promotion strategy

Correct SEO strategy is a constant analysis of the site, its ranking in search engines, the correct operation of keywords and building a reference mass. Adapt to changes in search engines, watch for changes in algorithms, because what was good for the site before changing the algorithm, tomorrow may not play in favor of the site.

In principle, the main stages of SEO strategy are known to many, but perhaps not everyone still knows any nuances of internal or external optimization of the website, online store or blog.

So how does this formula work? The formula consists of the two most important aspects of SEO, which should be the most emphasis:

Effective internal structure of the site, as well as its information architecture
Link building for site visibility and indexing in search engines (not ranking). In this case, the build-up of links should not depend on anchors and reference attributes, but is done only for the purpose that the site is constantly indexed by search engines, so that changes to the site are constantly reflected in the search results.
Mostly inexperienced SEO specialist are making more efforts to build external reference mass instead of a continuous configuration, analysis and improvement of the promoted website.

Internal site optimization and information architecture
The main thing in this matter is to focus on building information (both for users and search engines). What important elements of internal optimization should be present in your promotion plan?

Map key words
Correctly place keywords on the pages of the site: they must correspond to the theme of the page and the content of the information that is on this page. Use keywords in headers, URLS, and, directly, in content.

You can use multiple keywords for a single page: multiple high-frequency or mid-frequency keywords, and a number of additional low-frequency keywords. Use word matching services, such as Yandex.Wordstat or Google Keyword Tool.

Block search engine robots to insignificant and duplicated pages
Prevent search robots from indexing site pages that are not intended for users, such as a search results page or tags, as well as duplicate content that may affect the indexing of the site by the robot, such as URL variants of the page with and without www or pagination.

How to configure the robots file.txt

To properly distribute the link weight inside the site
Building internal links is the main factor to improve the ranking of some pages in the search results.

Contextual links within the site. Put down links only to the promoted pages, you do not need to put links to pages, just because the text encountered a suitable phrase.

Page hierarchy and priority levels
Decide which pages should be more visible to search engines and users. Map your landing pages. Specify multiple links within the site to the landing page.

Optimization of website loading speed
Check the speed of loading pages of your site. If it is too slow, you will certainly solve this problem, optimize the content of the pages of the site. Keep track of the weight of the images you upload to the site.

External optimization
Promote the page in search networks
Create social media profiles and link to your website. Publish news and articles with links to the landing pages of the site. So the site will be better and faster indexed.






Guest content content
Promotion articles – the most effective way. There are a lot of thematic and non-thematic portals that need constant content generation. Post feature articles with a link to your website on such portals.

Analyze competitors: links, content, meta tags.

Constantly customize and improve the content of your site pages, analyze it with the content of competitors and change it for a more favorable search results.

How to promote the site articles?
Website promotion by articles provides for the placement of unique thematic articles with links to the website. There are a number of exchanges of articles that can offer a paid publication of your article with a link or links to the promoted resource on the selected site, which has good SEO performance and that meet the theme of your site. For example, the exchange Miralinks, which makes it possible to select and search for sites on various indicators: perform promotion automatically efficiently and quickly.

Thematic portals
Post your mission on the thematic portals, such as forest exchanges, employment agencies, etc. Serve the ads and track your goods and services, search for partners.

Forecast your budget for marketing development and social media campaigns.

SEO-strategy may consist of additional elements that can not be predicted in advance, you never know for sure what methods you need to use at a particular time — this is the adaptation for the adjustment of the website promotion strategy, its configuration and analysis.

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