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How to choose a domain? Rules for compiling domain names!

A well – known proverb says “as you name a ship-so it will sail…”. Therefore, if You decide to order the creation of the site, the first thing you need to think about is what name Your site will have, or rather – a domain name.

The easiest option for You is to buy a domain. But to cope with this task can be without financial costs, using only their intellectual resources and creativity.

But before we talk about the basic rules of selection of a domain name, let’s first understand the key concepts.

So, the domain (domain name) – is the address of the network connection that identifies the owner of this address, and simply put – is the address of Your website on the Internet. For example,

The next concept is the domain level. Domain levels are separated by dots and are counted from right to left. The first level indicates a region, country or type of resource that is on this domain:;; domain.of the Russian Federation;;;; etc. the First domain level matches the domain area. The second level is the actual name of Your site. For example, in the name of the company’s website Concept Logic webcl – level 2; ru – level 1.

Domains of the third and subsequent levels are often provided by sites free of charge for any project in return for advertising on it. For example, the third level domain can be:

Now that the conceptual apparatus is clear, let’s analyze what should be the domain that it contributed to the development and promotion of Your site on the Internet.

Rule one-the domain name of the site must be necessarily the second level. Do not skimp on the purchase of a domain for the money, as it will give your site solidity and show Your serious attitude.

Rule two-the domain name of the site should be as short as possible. Customers and partners will remember the name of Your site much easier if it contains a minimum number of characters. Unfortunately, now it has become very difficult to find a free short domain, so you will have to think carefully about this issue.

Rule three-the domain should reflect the theme of the site, its main idea or products. For example, if Your company is engaged in delivery of water, then the domain name should call the appropriate Association, for example, In this rule there are exceptions – the names of organisations, their domain names should not necessarily carry associative meaning.

Rule four complements all the previous-the domain name of Your site should simply be perceived by ear and easily recorded under dictation.

If you use these simple rules when choosing a domain name, you will be able to choose the perfect domain for your site, thereby laying a solid Foundation in its promotion.

Check the employment of the domain name will help you convenient service domain registration center RU-CENTER. Domain registration is also carried out through RU-CENTER.

And in conclusion, you last recommendation as an incentive for the selection of the ideal name for the site: domain name – a kind of real estate on the Internet. Domain can be bought, domain can be profitable to sell.

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