Computer hardware configuration
What is described below assumes that You want to make a beautiful and stylish website completely with your own hands, i.e. you draw all the graphic elements, write pages yourself,…

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How much is the site?
If You have made a choice in favor of professional website creation, namely you want to order it through a web-Studio, then one of the first questions arises :" how…

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Home page design
The purpose of the main page — to interest the user so that he wanted to see the site further. The basis of the site are the basement and the…

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How to promote a business card website

Features of website promotion-business cards are determined by the features of the format, among which we can highlight:

small volume;
Large amount of graphics, and flash technology.
The task of the business card site is to provide users with basic information about the company, about what it does, to show all this from the best side.

How future clients find a corporate business card website
Often interested to search specify the query commercial subjects. You can take advantage of this and make a list of deployed high-frequency search queries. Many people believe, however, that it is useless to promote business card sites on HF, because rarely will anyone want to invest large sums of money in the promotion of an ordinary business card, namely, promotion on HF is one of the most expensive types of promotion on the Internet. And for directed LF promotion almost does not need money and trust of search engines, which is incredibly difficult to achieve for a small-page business card site.

How to promote your website as low

Experienced SEO masters claim that in order to promote a small website for low frequency queries, it can be quite normal for run directories. It is believed that the directories in search engines are not appreciated, but with the involvement of regional thematic directories, the effect of all appears (and sometimes significant).

Promotion of corporate websites shares
The website business card is a kind of action. High benefits page with galleries that will host the beautiful and high quality pictures of products sold. Do not save on photographers, as the quality of the photo directly depends on the volume of orders. In addition to the gallery with photos of products, you can create another one and place photos of shops in it.

If you decide to hold a campaign, run a contextual advertising campaign for the duration of the campaign. Don’t forget on social media. Your business card website must have pages in the most popular social networks among your target audience. Place announcements of the action in them.

Try to regularly provide discounts to regular customers and regular active community members, so You will attract even more potential customers. Word of mouth has not been canceled. In addition, people with a great desire to subscribe To your newsletter and will often go to the site or in groups of social networks, if they constantly expect very favorable offers.

Information is the basis of the Internet!
Information-that's what primarily attracts visitors to Your site. Everything else only helps to Orient in it and facilitates access. And from this point of view, the very first question that…


Links to the site for successful promotion!
It's no secret that for the successful promotion of the site in the TOP need links from other sites. These links can be obtained naturally-to create an interesting site, fill…


What is website audit?
If your site is quite successful in your opinion, then do not doubt that there is an opportunity to benefit from it even more. What will help you do this?…