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Website web design development

When discussing the design of the future site, quite often the customer has a question: why is the design of the site is not less than 40% of the cost of the entire project, while the design – it’s just a certain color scheme and a set of pictures?

In fact, the work on the design of the site is not just a selection of colors and pictures, everything is much more serious. Design takes the main place in the development of the site, as well as its promotion and promotion on the Internet. Development of non-standard ways and solutions to provide information to users in various applications-this is the essence of web design.

Website design should contribute to the solution of the main goals and objectives of the site, so web design is closely related to the entire process of creating a website.

Website design development is not just beautifully drawn pages of the site, it is a well-designed structure of the entire site. The main element of web design is the usability of the site users – the so-called” usability ” of the site.

The most difficult thing in the process of developing a web design is to coordinate it with the customer, who often does not realize that web design is inextricably linked to the entire process of website development, that you can not just demand a beautiful design, but need a constructive dialogue between the web Studio and the customer. Only in the process of dialogue it is possible to achieve mutual understanding and avoid mismatch of expectations of the customer and the final result.

In discussing web site design with the customer, the specialists of web-Studio should match the customer’s wishes about how to be beautiful and comfortable with the functionality of the site. To better understand the requirements of the customer, web studios offer to jointly analyze the sites of competitors: what you like and what you do not, what you can borrow or remake for the customer’s tasks?

The result of the discussions is a detailed technical specification, which clearly States the goals and objectives of the site, its structure, navigation, design, functionality and software capabilities of the site.

After that, the web Studio begins to develop the layout design. As a rule, the customer is offered several options from which he can choose the one that most fully takes into account all his requirements. Quite often, the presented options do not suit the customer. Therefore, once again we recall the importance of constructive dialogue between the web Studio and the customer.

But even the approved design layout is only the tip of the iceberg. Then the main work begins: site layout (creation of a complete web design described in a special code), site programming (binding coded web design to the content management system-CMS), site testing, adaptation of web design to all browsers, changes in various parameters and, finally, placement on the Internet.

Website design development is quite a complex process, but at the same time it can not do without creativity and creativity, which makes it quite exciting.

Of course, the development of web design-a task for professionals, as it is important to create a website and design that will not only meet all the requirements of the customer, but also bring him profit.

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