Content support
The concept of "content" as well as many terms in the field of information technology…

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How to choose a web Studio to create a website
Bill gates said, " If Your business isn't online, you're not in business." Since then,…

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How to set up a design template for a website?
The company "Concept Logic" has been developing websites and online stores for almost ten years.…

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Monthly Archives: November 2017

How to create a website for free?

Before we go directly to the topic of free website creation, let’s think a little.

Sooner or later in any sphere of our life we have a need or need for any changes, changes, gaining new experience, knowledge, etc. This can be as a domestic side of our life (e.g., renovation) and professional (e.g., acquiring new knowledge, the development of the business).

And whatever needs we have not arisen, there are always at least two options for their satisfaction: to do everything yourself (read-for free) or for a fee to entrust this matter to a professional. For example, repair in the bathroom You can do yourself, and you can-hire a specialist and, almost without delving into the process, get the finished result. In today’s world of services, you can even entrust a job search to specially trained people! Continue reading

How much is the site?

If You have made a choice in favor of professional website creation, namely you want to order it through a web-Studio, then one of the first questions arises :” how much does it cost to create a website?”.

The price of the issue-the creation of the site-depends on many factors and can vary within a fairly wide range. You can find a web-Studio that claims to make a website for 3000 rubles, and you can – and for 300,000 rubles. Let’s see, what is the cost of the site?

There are several components, of which in the end, and the cost of the site:

development of the concept (main idea) of the site;
writing technical specifications (commonly used abbreviation-TK); Continue reading

Paid and free hosting. Which is better?

Once the site is ready, it is necessary to ensure its placement on the Internet. If You just place the site on your computer, it will not be possible to go immediately after you turn off this computer. Just to make Your website available to users every minute, there is such a service as hosting.

Hosting service is to provide disk space on a remote server that has a permanent connection to the Internet and provides round-the-clock access to Your site. Simply put, on a special server you are allocated the required number of megabytes in the form of a directory that contains all the information that is on Your site-texts, documents, graphics, clips, etc. Continue reading

Computer hardware configuration
What is described below assumes that You want to make a beautiful and stylish website…


How to fill the site with unique content?
Do you have a ready-made online store, corporate website, but it is without the necessary…


Paid and free hosting. Which is better?
Once the site is ready, it is necessary to ensure its placement on the Internet.…